Ten Best NSFW Album Covers

pansy division touch my joe camel album cover.jpg
Pansy Division's Touch My Joe Camel
Punk rockers are all about shock and awe, and gay dudes are all about cock and balls. So it stands to reason if you put the two together, you're going to get one helluva NSFW series of album covers. We like this one for Touch My Joe Camel the best. It's a not-so classy homage to the old cigarette company design, and it's good for a few LOLs.

team jaguar the crew cover art.jpeg
Team Jaguar's The Crew
Speaking of having fun and pushing buttons, that's what this Tallahassee group was doing with their cover for The Crew EP. Sure, it's basically harmless, but this eyeball turned on its side and poked in just the right way looks like, well, if you don't know, consult an anatomy book. Online retailers released a censored version, but we like this playful attitude right in our face.

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