Ten Best NSFW Album Covers

goon & koyote wellness is wild cover art.jpg
Goon & Koyote's Wellness Is Wild
BOOM! TITTIES IN YOUR FACE, BITCH. This Parisian-based electro duo made waves with their energetic, disco-house EP Wilderness is Wild, but they caught everyone's attention with the giant gazungas on the front cover. It's like, you come for the boobs, you stay for the great jams. After all, sex sells!

dead kennedys frankenchrist cover art.jpg
Dead Kennedys' Frankenchrist
Oh yes, you don't have to blink. That is a dark, psychedelic series of cocks and anuses. Do you recognize the artistry of H. R. Giger? The same man behind the super-creepy Alien movie series sets and creatures. This isn't the only album cover he ever designed, but it is the most sexually repulsing. Punk rockers know how to make them say "ughhh."

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