The XX at Miami Debut: "We'd Like to Make a Formal Apology For Taking Our Damn Time"

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Photo by Alex Broadwell
The XX
The Fillmore Miami Beach
Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Better Than:
Any other XX show up to this point, probably.

The XX just played their 100th show earlier this week. But until about 13 hours ago, the Brit indie-pop crew had never been to Miami. It's a difficult market, and for a lot of touring cool-kid bands, it just doesn't seem cost effective.

But last night's sold-out show not only blew away the captive audience, it shocked the band itself. So much so that they offered up a formal apology for taking so long to get to what is apparently the greatest market for the XX in the world.

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It was an early show by city standards, and the group hit the stage at about 9:45 p.m. A giant white screen stood between the crowd and the band, upon which two colorful blurs emerged and then were broken apart into some even more abstract, watery design.

Then the first chords of "Angels" came ringing through the air.

The XX Make Miami Debut at the Fillmore
Photo by Alex Broadwell

Opening with the biggest hit from their latest album might have been risky, but it became immediately apparent that everyone in this audience was more than just a one or two song kind of fan. People screamed like it was some kind of pop anthem, singing along loudly to every down-tempo moment.

The screen came up and nothing stood between the band and their adoring fans but stage lights. They quietly began the next song, "Heart Skipped a Beat" from their first album, and the place erupted again. This time, Oliver and Romy sang out under demure spotlights in beautiful duet. Meanwhile, Jamie stayed in the back booth working out the beats like a silent pimp.

"This is a special day," Oliver said after the song finished. "This is our first time in Miami. Thank you for being with us today."

They played "Fiction," a really raw and personal song off Coexist, and as we watched them, it became obvious that though the performance was personal and introspective, the XX are full on rock stars. They were hamming it up on stage as much as their dark and minimal sound could allow.

Throughout the night, Oliver and Romy worked the stage, walking from end to end, coming up to the crowd in the middle, playing that dueling-guitars game while turned to each other. And man oh man do they know how to milk it when it's good.

Like when they played "Crystalized." Those clever bastards stretched that song out good and long, holding off on their popular sighs and words until after the audience sang it first. It was like being teased by some evil lover you wish you didn't care so much about, but you just keep on playing the fool.

Romy of the XX at Fillmore Miami
Photo by Alex Broadwell

"It really is a pleasure to be here," Romy said softly into the mic. "We worked out a special version of this song for this tour."

They went into "Chained," and then a special dedicated rendition of "Reunion" where they gave up the stage to Jamie for a moment, so he could kick out the jams. He started in on a sick steel drum line, the spotlight hanging on his head, and lights began to flash from behind them. The members of the group seemed to disappear into the darkness, dressed in all black as they were. It was all the right kinds of moody.

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The Fillmore Miami Beach

1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

i was so happy when i heard they were coming to town but immediately saddened to find out it would be on a tuesday. i really wish i couldve been there.

Lauren Goldberg
Lauren Goldberg

That was an EPIC Show....great write up and MIAMI can't wat for The XX to return

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