Top Ten Hairstyles in Music History: From Beatle Mop Top to Skrillex's EDM Mullet

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You know how you can tell a rock star from any average Joe on the street? Their hair, duh.

Real rock stars have crazy quaffs. You see a rock star with lame, everyday hair, and you can rest assured they're just a poser butthead. Same goes for people on the street. If you don't know who they are, but they've got some kind of insane action on top, chances are, they're a rock star happening in some circle you're just not hip enough to know about.

That being said, there are some rock star haircuts that were so revolutionary, so monstrous and so iconic, the world is still reeling. Like these next-level guys and gals.

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beatles haircut.jpg
The Beatles Mop Top
These Liverpool Lads had the bitches going insane. But much like when people made fun of Bieber's bangs, all the '60s bros were snickering: "Look at how long their hair is. They must never cut it or something." Of course, by today's standards, this is some boring white-bread stuff. Every boy in elementary school has his bowl cut. But in 1964, holding hands was sexy and the Beatles mop top was as groovy as it got.

?uestlove hait.jpg
The ?uestlove Afro of Power
This fine gentleman is the rhythmic backbone of Philadelphia's legendary Roots crew, and you can see him on TV with Jimmy Fallon. But even before Middle America knew him as a funky bro on the boob tube, cool-ass mo'fuckers knew him as one of music's most intelligent, inspiring, and well-groomed men of culture. He's holding it down for everybody, and he lets his hair go wild. He's black, and he's proud, dammit. And who wouldn't be with a sick mane like that?

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