Willie Nelson's Ten Weed Commandments


Thou Shalt Make Graven Images of the Sweet Leaf Upon Your Album Covers
Any marijuana enthusiast with a guitar will eventually write a love song to Mary Jane. Maybe even an entire album of love songs to Mary Jane. And in 2005, Willie finally completed his weed opus. He packed a bag, grabbed some ganja, headed for Cali, hooked up with some Jamaican friends, and recorded a reggae record called Countryman as a tribute to the Caribbean island's noble weed farmers. The album cover bore a giant green pot leaf on a blazing red-and-yellow background. Well, unless you bought the censored Walmart version. That thing's got a blasphemous palm tree.


Thou Shalt Not Toke Too Much
Now listen, cowboy -- you may love her, but don't go foolin' yourself that ol' Mary Jane is an entirely harmless mistress. Sure, that little lady will ease your glaucoma. But if you heedlessly and needlessly partake of her psychoactive pleasures, she can be wrathful, gunking up your respiratory system. As Willie admitted to High Times in 2010: "It can be helpful -- it can also be overused. It's not as bad as cigarette smoke, but if you smoke too much of it, you can get congested." And there's no toker on Earth (not even Willie) who can adequately croon "Take It to the Limit" with two wheezing lungs full of phlegm.

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