Willie Nelson's Ten Weed Commandments

Thou shalt experiment, man
The path to becoming a true pot prophet is all about discovery. And Wiseman Willie's personal pilgrimage began at a very early age. "I started smoking something when I was 4," he reminisced, chatting with High Times. "Cedar bark. Grapevines. Cotton leaves. Coffee leaves. I even tried Black Drop one time... an old laxative in powder form." These days, though, the 79-year-old isn't messing 'round with THC-free crops or over-the-counter tokeables. After nearly eight decades of sparkin' and smokin', Nelson has found the holy grail of herb -- a smooth, seedless, finely ground mixture of several cannabis strains that he calls "Willie Weed." The lesson: Stay curious, potheads.

Via HighTimes.com

Thou Shalt Share Your Stash
As Padre Nelson would attest, there's nothing cool about hording your supply. In fact, the most righteous thing a devotee of Mary Jane can do is get a big circle burn goin'. Be generous with your brothers and sisters. It might even change their lives. After all, a sticky gift from a special friend is exactly how Padre Nelson joined the flock. In the late '50s, a Fort Worth musician named Fred Lockwood and his brother Ace handed him a joint. And the rest is history. "[Later] they gave me a itty bitty little snuff can full of pot one time," Willie said in 2005. It was a revelation. "All of a sudden: 'Oh yeah -- that's what that is.' "

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