Willie Nelson's Ten Weed Commandments


Thou Shalt Harvest Thine Own Crop
Now the potheaded stranger certainly wouldn't want to lead the American people astray. So he's not suggesting that y'all dive headfirst into the illegal cultivation of cannabis. He's just saying Mary Jane is not only a spiritually enlightening lady but also a killer cash crop. "The farmer can improve his bottom line capital a great deal and can possibly stay in business and keep his farm if they would allow him to grow [hemp and marijuana]... It would be a big help to the small family farmer."


Thou Shalt Legalize the Weed
"It's already been proven," the pot prophet writes in his latest book, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, "that taxing and regulating marijuana makes more sense than sending young people to prison for smoking a God-given herb that has never proven fatal to anybody."

For Wiseman Willie, there's just no negotiating. The American people need to wholeheartedly embrace Mary Jane. "I would endorse it anywhere, in any state, any time," he told High Times a couple of years ago. "I think eventually, the worse the economy gets, the more sense it makes to legalize marijuana. First of all, you save all that money being spent on drug enforcement, all the money that goes for putting people in prison for smoking pot. There's just millions and millions of dollars that can be saved by legalizing it.

"I think it's the future. Eventually we'll get it legalized and we'll be like Amsterdam. I can't wait."

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