Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Everyone in the 305 is preparing himself emotionally, physically, and financially for the insane uhntz-uhntz parade (AKA Ultra Music Festival) that's about to come crashing down.

But that doesn't mean the shriek of electric guitar and finger-freaked bass are gonna be totally drowned out in the March EDM melee.

Au contraire. There is still plenty of amazing live music working its way through our PLUR-ready streets; you've just got to know where to look.

Behold! The five best live music shows this week. No furry boots allowed.

ArtOfficial with Red Lyte, Biggz General, Artikal Sound System, and Itzmatic. Friday, March 8, at the Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami; 305-576-9577; Age 21 and up. The show starts at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $10 at the door. ArtOfficial returns to the Stage to play a special set for its hometown. This is more than just hip-hop; it's jazz and funk, maybe even a hint of ska-style groove. Definitely good for after a nice smoke session, if you catch our drift. Bob your head to the calming, thoughtful rhythms and rhymes while enjoying delicious drink specials. Up originality.

The Robby Hunter Band. Friday, March 8, at Tobacco Road's upstairs Cabaret Stage, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-374-1198; Age 21 and up. The show starts at 10:30 p.m., and tickets cost $5 at the door. This Miami man and his band of brothers are superstoked to be bringing their fresh, indie-funk sound to SXSW. Come cheer them on for their last home gig before the big trip! They're fun, or at least they must be, because they describe themselves as "graced by the big dick of hip-hop." Get down to the grooves, enjoy a few drinks, and bask in the sunny sound of home.

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Kat, INFEST is Saturday March 9th, not 8th, but thank you for including it in the Top 5 :)

Vince Mathews
Vince Mathews

Probably just gonna rest up for the EDM madness...

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