Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Let the Tunnel take you to Cinema Sounds.
If you survived the last ten days, you've probably had enough uhntz-uhntz to last you till 2014. Or at least the rest of the month.

That's why we're taking time out to bring you five of the best chill, live performances happening this week. From hip-hop to electro fusion, post-punk, lo-fi, and live soundtracks, there's plenty of good jams going around to help nurse your BPM hangover.

Where will you spend your nights?

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Gladkill at Massive Wednesdays. With Ark IX and Afro Monk. Wednesday, March 27, at The Stage, 170 N.E. 38 St., Miami; 305-576-9577; Ages 18 and up. The show starts at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $5 via Still reeling from Winter Music Conference? Not yet ready to give up the dance beat? But looking for something with some live production? Gladkill from Cali is the perfect fit. He'll help you come down with interstellar beats, groovy rhythms and good times.

Location Info

Sweat Records

5505 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

The Stage

170 NE 38th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

The Garret at Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music


3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

O Cinema Wynwood

90 NW 29th St., Miami, FL

Category: Film

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Giovanni Angel
Giovanni Angel

Don't forget the free show at the Affliction store on Lincoln road on Saturday at 7 PM!

Geral John Pinault
Geral John Pinault

But there are those times when you have to sing a sad song. This new poem will tell all... Enveloped by the Night! No one can comprehend the level of pain that I’m experiencing tonight… Things didn’t work out with my newest flame as she has taken flight… No one can comprehend the level of pain that I’m experiencing tonight! The fires of love were burning brightly and then they were extinguished Just as quickly as they came, And all that I can say about it all now is that it’s a downright, dirty shame! I gave my all to her but I guess that it wasn’t enough… Sometimes the ingredients that went into making a great romance Just weren’t the right stuff! It seems that perfect love is impossible to find, And my guilty feelings concerning my inadequacies Are driving me out of my mind! Paradise! It was supposed to be ours for the taking… But it just wasn’t meant to be in this newest undertaking! What did she see in me? I’m not sure about anything anymore, Because everything became cold and dark once she walked out that door! I’m hiding out in my bed now shivering with fright… The walls are closing in as I’m enveloped by the night! I wish that things could be different but it’s pretty obvious That this affair just wasn’t meant to be, And now I’m all alone, drowning in pain and misery! Geral John Pinault March 27, 2013 ©

Eddy Torres
Eddy Torres

Damn I am getting old. Don't know any of those names.

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