Calle Ocho 2013: Blow-Up Dolls, Harlem Shakes, and DJ Laz Says: "Lil Wayne Can Suck My Dick"

Photo by Liliana Mora
Miami is filled with interesting characters, to say the least.

There's that guy who rides around on a motorized bicycle, that man riding the Metrorail jammin' on his violin, that dude who walks around Hialeah carrying a banjo and wearing a Stetson hat -- the list goes on.

As always, Calle Ocho attracted everyone and everything, from blow-up dolls to street performers banging beats on pots and pans to "Harlem Shake"-ers and freestyle rappers.

And of course, outrageous things that would happen in Miami, happened. Like a man getting shot in the butt and not noticing it until he collapsed. Or DJ Laz telling Lil Wayne to come pinga.

Here are some highlights from Calle Ocho 2013, just in case you missed it.

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Calle Ocho Flag Stand.jpg
Photo by Laurie Charles
1:47 p.m.
There were literally tens of thousands reppin' their native country, wearing shirts emblazoned with the Dominican flag, waving Cuban flags, and flocking to the pincho and arepa stands. But some came unprepared, leaving their Latin pride at home. Lucky for them (and the non-Hispanics who attended the festival and felt compelled to go with it and buy a Puerto Rican towel or something), these stands were all over the place. The vivid reds, blues, and yellows were so tantalizing, almost no one could resist, especially that Cuban Pride bikini.
Calle Ocho Cuban Fashion.jpg
Photo by Laurie Charles
1:57 p.m.
Like these guys. Wonder where they're from...

Calle Ocho Harlem Shake 1.jpg
Photo by Laurie Charles
Con los terroristas
2:56 p.m.
Meanwhile at the Mega 94.9 stage, Mafio busted out with the first "Harlem Shake" spotted by Crossfade. The guy in the straw wajiro hat on stage was really into it.

Calle Ocho Blow-Up Doll.jpg
Photo by Liliana Mora
3:03 p.m.
Somewhere between his flight from L.A. to Calle Ocho, this guy found, um, let's call her Molly. "I just found it on the street," he said before running off. For some reason, that didn't surprise us.

Miss Carnaval Miami 2013.jpg
Photo by Laurie Charles
3:43 p.m.
Being America's largest Latin street festival, Calle Ocho was definitely crowded. No matter how congested a place may be, the words "free liquor, get fucked up for free" can always be heard. Especially when Miss Carnaval Miami 2013 Lorena Placencia is the one handing out samples of Reál Sangria.

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