The Mamis of Calle Ocho Talk Bros, Ratchets, and Pitbull

Photo by Liliana Mora
Calle Ocho is America's largest Latin block party, where people from all over the world gather along 27 blocks to celebrate Hispanic heritage with music, food, and entertainment.

Although Willy Chirino, DJ Laz, and Elvis Crespo were the ones putting on a show, the main source of entertainment was the mamis and bros of Miami who painted the streets of Calle Ocho with their tight white shorts, Cuban flag bikini tops, chancletas, neon orange muscle tees, and bright-white sneakers.

Crossfade embarked on a mission to find the chongas mamis of Calle Ocho and talk to them about bros, ratchets, and Pitbull.

If there was one thing these Latinas agreed on, it was that Pit will always and forever be Mr. 305.

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Chongas 1.jpg
Photo by Laurie Charles
Crossfade: Is Calle Ocho a good place to meet guys?
Franceska Rivera (right): Fuck no. They're all creepers.

Alexandra Rivera (left): They're all hoes. We're nice girls. We look like hoochies, but we're nice girls.

What do you think about chongas?
Alexandra: Just because we wear gold and hoops doesn't mean we're chongas.

Franceska: Yeah, just because we wear shorts that make our ass look big doesn't mean we're chongas.

What's the best place to go on a Saturday night?
Alexandra and Franceska: Anywhere in South Beach... Space, Mansion, Soul... because the music is good and the guys are hot. The prices [at Soul] are ridiculous and the more you drink the more loose you get.

What do you think about Pitbull?
Alexandra: Girl, he's my baby daddy. I saw him at Wal-Mart and we went baby shopping. We're gonna have a boy and name him Lil' Pit.

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Calle Ocho

Corner of SW 8th St. and 10th Ave., Miami, FL

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