Chris Brown Graffitis Miami Building: Five Reasons for Breezy to Quit Music for Street Art

We know Chris Brown can dance, and we know he's moody, but now we can say without a doubt that he's a "true artist."

Not only is he gifted in the realm of hip-shaking and heart-breaking, he can really strut his stuff with a spray can. He came down to our home turf to show off his skills for kids and street art lovers, and the pictures prove he knows what he's doing.

Actually, we're starting to think he should do this full-time. Hear us out, Breezy.

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chris brown graffiti 1.jpg
These days, you can't just be a musician. A move toward street art shows versatility, originality and creativity. It's better than hawking liquor!

chris brown graffiti 2.jpg
Street art is inspiring. We're not sure we can say the same about "Don't Wake Me Up."

chris brown graffiti 3.jpg
These kids are really digging this. Graffiti might be Brown's best move for reaching out to a newer generation.

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

@elsa who cares if he's rich, grammys dont mean shit and he can have rihanna, shes ugly, ive seen better girls at my local starbucks

Elsa Jimenez
Elsa Jimenez

ignore his bullshit and perhaps he will stop. love him or hate him you (the media) are just boosting up his ego. even bad publicity is good publicity. He is still rich, won a grammy, and is fucking Rihanna. Life is breezy

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

fuck chris brown, fuck his music, and fuck his "street art". there are plenty of other graffiti artists that are way better and deserve way more credit. and screw you guys for being the typical media outlet that bashes this guy for everything he does and the second he does something somewhat familiar you are all over his jock, praising him. Yes everyone deserves a second chance but this guy has had like a million chances. he's just another douche with a hot temper a lot of money that can sing and dance, and now he apparently can shake a can of spray paint....Id rather read about a nobody doing a decent street art piece...

Rafael Alvarez
Rafael Alvarez

someone get this dude a can of EVOLVE 004 Connec | Graffiti Paint and Supplies

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