Disclosure Talks Ultra Fest Debut: "Bigger Production, Light Show, We Are Very Excited!"

U.K. production duo Disclosure is a definite contender for biggest EDM success story of the new decade.

There's the matter of the pair's precociousness: Wunderkind brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence started releasing music when they were only 15 and 18 years old. And what music! Their chops in the studio give seasoned producers twice their age a run for their money.

Then there's the brothers' explosive ascent from small topic of underground internet buzz to chart-topping international stars in just over a year.

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Spearheading a hot new wave of U.K. garage and bass music innovation, Disclosure is breaking through the ceiling and taking over pop territory with impeccably polished vocal scorchers. Releases like "Latch" and "White Noise," which climbed to the top of the U.K. singles chart this year, have already made them household names at home.

Ahead of Howard and Guy's exclusive Miami Music Week performance and debut at Ultra Music Festival 2013, Crossfade caught up with these sensational brothers to chat about breakthrough success, their debut album due this spring, and what they have in store for Ultra.

Crossfade: One of the first things that strikes people about you is how young you are, especially given the maturity of your productions. When did you first begin making music? Did you have any mentors or guidance of any sort along the way?
Disclosure: We started producing music about three years ago, Howard at 15 and Guy at 18. We went to a normal school/college that had a very good music and music tech department.

Your sound has been heavily associated with the resurgence of U.K. garage, a style that was popular when you guys were still toddlers. Do you consider garage a direct influence in your music?
When we started out as Disclosure, we didn't know any garage or house music. Howard was into singer/songwriters and Guy was into American hip-hop. We started to hear proper dance music after we had begun to make it ourselves. Now our influences have merged a bit more.

There's a definite maturity to your picks as DJ selectors as well. A lot of classic old-school deep house cuts and even obscure jazz fusion records find their way into your DJ mixes. Where did you get this knack for digging up the past? What sort of music did you grow up listening to at home? Were your parents record collectors?
Anyone can find old records thanks to the Internet. Our parents did collect records, but they were more into '70s-'80s pop and prog rock. We don't think those artists influence us very much directly, but our parents got us into playing instruments from a young age.

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