Inspecter 7, Immoral Discipline, Askultura, and Die Trying in Miami: A 36-Photo Recap

Gettin' sinister with the Rev, Giuseppe, and Inspecter 7
As Rev Sinister of Inspecter 7 explained, there's one place in America that gives Miami a run for its money in being dark and sordid. That's Asbury Park, New Jersey, the grimey land that the band basically comes from.

And from the first horn blow, guitar chop, kick drum, bass note, and sung lyric, they fit right in at Churchill's Pub, even though they haven't been to this city in 13 years.

Chairman of the sound board, Rat Bastard had the volume cranked to 11, and Washington D.C.'s Immoral Discipline, and the horny local punks of Askultura and Funkman's Inferno all played their hearts out for Die Trying's release show for their new Flatlands EP.

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Askultura are fucking awesome. Where some singers voices start in their throat and end at their lips, Askultura's singer's vocals seem to start in her toes and rush through her entire body like a flash flood of raw melody and power.

With 7 pieces on stage, including washboard, they filled the bar and club with a raucous force of rhythm.

Their bass and drums held strong throughout and kept the circle pit alive like a tornado.

And everybody in the world with an internet connection was able to see it live on the Churchill's live stream.

The diverse crowd included a tie dye dude who said something like "they were the best fucking band I ever saw."

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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