LIV Miami Makes $45-$60 Million in 2012, Fourth Highest Grossing Nightclub in U.S.

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Weak economy? Yeah, right!

Despite staggering unemployment rates and a sinking middle class, the top 100 American bars, lounges, and nightclubs generated an estimated $1.5 billion in revenue last year, according Nightclub and Bar Media Group's "Nightclub & Bar Top 100."

And while Las Vegas brought in the most money (21 percent of the clubs listed are located in Sin City), Miami continues its role as a major player in the nightlife industry. And for a second year in a row, LIV cracked the top five.

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Sandwiched between Las Vegas's TAO and Surrender nightclubs, LIV's estimated $45 to $60 million 2012 revenue was enough to secure the fourth spot on the N&B Top 100. That's one spot higher than last year when LIV generated between $35 and $45 million for a share of fifth place.

Ocean Drive staple Mango's Tropical Café rounded out the top 10, grossing an estimated $25-$35 million in 2012 to also push them up in this year's ranking from 14th.

The Clevelander (22), Arkadia (31), Mansion (35), SET (38), Wall (56), Space (70), Cameo (73), and Dream (79) also made the list for at least a second straight year, further driving home the point that Miami-Dade County knows how to party.

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I remember Mangos crying about $65 dollars per night for security back in the day,

Deana Gutierrez
Deana Gutierrez

Agreed, Jorge! Don't even know what the inside of that place looks like and I'll happily keep it that way.

Rachel Goldberg
Rachel Goldberg

thanks for the list of places I never want to go;) good post)

Tomas Ayala
Tomas Ayala

Grutman doesn't OWN Liv though, Story on the otherhand.

Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

and im proud to say that they got absolutely none of my money. not even a cent.

Craig Chester
Craig Chester

Probably Miami's #1 underage DUI factory as well. They are utterly unserious about any semblance of a 21+ policy, even after underage girls have left the club and killed innocent people in DUI wrecks.

Yaser Castro
Yaser Castro

That's good news to all the people suing them in civil court for their role in all the vehicular homicide cases. Remember that underage girl that killed a grandmother because she was drunk after leaving LIV?

Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan

do they owners really respect the idiots who pay $1000 for a bottle of vodka?

Rose Lehmann
Rose Lehmann

And that's only ONE of Dave Grutman's clubs....let that sink in.

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