Maceo Plex Talks Jupiter Jazz and Ultra Fest:
"I Can't Wait to See How 2013 Turns Out"

Maceo Plex is pretty much the biggest thing in underground dance music right now.

He's definitely one of the most highly anticipated acts playing next week for Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week 2013.

You'll get to catch him at several parties, not the least of which are his Ellum label showcase alongside Matt Tolfrey's Leftroom label at the Electric Pickle on March 20 and his Ultra Music Festival debut.

But you don't even have to wait until then to see him, because Maceo is jumping ahead of the madness to play a headlining gig at Mansion this Thursday.

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And if you're lucky, he'll drop some of the jams off his new debut EP as Jupiter Jazz, a new collaboration project with Miami's Danny Daze.

The Booty Jazz EP was released this week after months of growing anticipation from fans, and it's poised to be among the big hits of WMC and MMW 2013.

Crossfade: Last time we spoke with you, you were about to release your LP on Crosstown Rebels and blow up big-time internationally. Two years later, there's no denying you are the "it" boy of the global electronic dance music scene. How does it feel to attain such massive success and recognition after the two decades you toiled away in obscurity? How has your life and work ethic been impacted because of it? 
Maceo Plex: Of course it feels amazing, but at the same time, it brings a new set of challenges. Life is a bit more complicated these days due to a busy gig schedule and ever-growing expectations from fans. It was my dream, and I'm happy I'm living it. Now it's all a matter of finding that balance of career and personal life.

Ellum is a young label but already boasts some remarkably strong releases. What is the musical ethos behind the label? What sort of sound or aesthetic are you looking for to define Ellum?  
The musical idea behind the label is bringing together the deep house sexy vibe that people are always searching for with the dark futuristic production and sound design I like to hear in productions. It's definitely hard to find, but it's out there, and we're looking to release it.

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