Mano Le Tough: Five Reasons He Might Be EDM's Savior

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The international electronic dance music scene in 2013 is deeply divided.

On one hand, you have the fans of "EDM" or generic, commercial dance-pop designed for festivals and stadium arenas. And on the other hand, you have the underground electronic dance music snobs, bitching and moaning because their precious subculture is getting co-opted by corporations and money-grubbing superstar DJs.

Admittedly, for Crossfade, the term EDM is just an easy way to say electronic dance music when referring to the overall category of music, whether it's commercial or underground. But is there any validity to the underground scene's complaints about the state of EDM? There might be when you have a point of comparison.

Take Irish DJ-producer Mano Le Tough, AKA Niall Mannion.

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He's one of the new rising stars on the international underground scene. This guy is getting it right on so many different levels, that it makes you start to see the many ways in which EDM's biggest stars are falling short.

If you missed Mano Le Tough's Miami Music Week appearances, don't make the same mistake when he headlines at The Vagabond this Saturday. But first, check the cut for Crossfade's five reasons Mano Le Tough is saving electronic dance music.

His DJ Sets
Sure, it is a DJ's job to entertain you. But it's also a DJ's job to educate and challenge you. A proper electronic dance music DJ goes digging deeper than anyone for those obscure cuts and buried gems that will blow your mind on the dance floor and keep you up at night combing the Internet for that one track ID. The Swedish House Mafias and David Guettas of the world are like human Top 40 radio stations, playing a tiresome rotation of nonstop commercial hits during every set. Mano Le Tough's DJ sets, on the other hand, offer a journey through uncharted territory, full of surprises, delights, and "WTF is that record?!" moments of sheer awe.

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The Vagabond - CLOSED

30 NE 14th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez

These are very strong words, first and foremost. Also, why even bother applying the EDM blanket term to him? He's not making rage bro confetti music.


@Jose Martinez Why don't you read the actual article and not just the headline before making that comment? The point of the article is that he is saving electronic dance music from the trappings of "EDM" by doing right everything that the EDM superstars are doing wrong. 

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