Ten Best Music-Related Things to Do in Miami This Weekend Under $10

Come see This Heart Electric look mad swag at this weekend's Audio Junkie screening!
Do you find yourself falling within that treacherous zone of a Venn diagram that connects "Working for the Weekend" with "The Great Recession"?

One surefire way to know: Do you work all the fucking time, yet your wallet functions primarily as a seedy motel for moths?

Maybe you need to get a new job.

Or maybe you should just keep slummin' it and keep your weekend plans on the cheap. If you've selected Door No. 2, you're in luck.

Check the cut for Crossfade's ten best music-related things to do in Miami this weekend under $10.

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The Den at the Purple LineFriday, March 8. Purple Line Miami, 650 NE Second Ave., Miami. The Purple Line is a performance art installation collaboration smorgasbord. The happening is a market (and/or marketplace of ideas) fashioned like a train station. The goal is a simultaneous promotion of public transportation and local art. And there will be complimentary Becks beers from 5 to 10 p.m. and cocktails by Miami Events Group from 5 to 8.

CATastrophe. With the Tunnel, the Jellyfish Brothers, Haochi Waves, Sharlyn Evertsz, Space Between Words, Astrokats. 229 Washington Drive, Miami. BBQ at 8 p.m., bands at 9.
The title of this event has about as much to do with the content of this here live music exhibition as the video we have posted above. However, the video and the name of the concert are definitely related. This might be a house party, so bring a burlap stack with which you may purloin fine china while everyone is busy rocking and/or making out.

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