50 WTF Quotes From Ultra 2013

Photo by George Martinez

"What the fuck does unicorn taste like?"

Stardust. Rainbows. Maybe black-market horse meat from Miami's C-9 basin.

There's really no way to know, though. Because this fabulous one-horned equine creature doesn't actually exist. Except when you're raving, raging, and tripping out at Ultra Music Festival.

Here are 50 WTF quotes from Ultra 2013.

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Photo by George Martinez
50. "Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic! Epic!" - A gang of raver friends, describing that "Epic!" moment when one enters Ultra Music Festival

49. "My mom said she doesn't want me to 'lose my innoncence' here. And I think she means 'raped.'" - Giggling teenaged girl

48. "Don't worry, you'll be safe." - Rape-y 20-something bro to giggling teenaged girl

47. "The thing is, I took acid and bought Molly" - Raver chick in a drug dilemma

46. "Nigga, I got any kind of shit anybody want. Like X or coke or prescriptions. And if you want rat poison, I'll go get it." - Eighth Street drug dealer, explaining how supply-and-demand affects his inventory

45. "Rat! Uhhhh! Gross!" - Chonga party chick, screaming about a rodent in a trash can outside Ultra's gates

44. "I tried to put a hot dog in my mouth. But it fell out the bun." - Sad, starving drunk guy

43. "Put your fucking pants back on." - Sober GF to rolling BF

42. "I can't find my pants." - Rolling BF

41. "Rage classy, Miami. Rage classy." - Miami raver bro on the Metrorail

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You should have seen my face when some random bro is waiting for Kaskade and says "Im so excited! This is my first time seeing Kaskade! He's the one that sings 'I want you to take over control' right?!" 

What a fucking disgrace. 

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