Ultra 2013: Five Best Moments, From Snoop to Naked Dudes and 70-Year-Old Ravers

Photo by Liz Tracy

Azealia Banks's Outfit
Most of the performers at Ultra are DJs wearing like ... Wait, we don't even remember. But this year, Azealia Banks rocked the fashion shit out of UMF. With cutouts and neon, she looked like a sea punk surfer ready to conquer a 1980s wave. Like, real hang ten shit. Her hair was an inspiration. It hung down to her butt, henna-red on top and pitch black on bottom, an ocean of loose curls. And those shoes! Banks brought back the Dr. Martens and painted them neon pink. P.S. Side-boob never looked so cool. Liz Tracy


Naked Dancing Dude at Ultra 2013
Be honest ... For weekend one of Ultra Music Festival, we had seven stages and 55 out of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. But we're animals, and we love a good show. So the whole uhntz-uhntz-ing world was overjoyed to discover this video of a naked dude dancing and pulling his wiener while fine, tired members of the Miami Police Department try to corral him. We're not sure exactly what he's on -- acid, molly, a few hours at the Carl Cox arena. But one thing's for sure: he is gonna make love to this beat like no one is watching. (We just hope this guy stays positive about all this sudden infamy. Every serious partier occasionally loses control.) And really, big ups to MPD for not using excessive force. We're always glad when unarmed naked dudes don't get tased.

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