Ultra 2013: Hot Chip "Do It, Do It, Do It" for a Disappointingly Small Crowd

Photo by Ian Witlen

We're starting to sound like a broken record. (Pun not intended. Every DJ uses Ableton these days anyway.)

Hot Chip is easily one of the most influential electronic (or dance rock or indie electro or whatever you want to call it) acts of the past decade. They're almost this generation's New Order.

But if influence were measured by Ultra Music Festival crowd size, you'd think Hot Chip just started putting out records last week.

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Photo by Ian Witlen

"Do it, do it, do it , do it, do it now," chirped the robotic voice. "Say it, say it, say it, say it, say it now."

Hot Chip was already about halfway through its set when we realized everyone who wasn't at the live stage at that very moment was missing an amazing show. The band had reworked "Ready for the Floor" into a more techno-driven juggernaut, while Alexis Taylor's signature falsetto vocals soared over the audience.

It was our first time seeing the band live, and we would skip Deadmau5's set, over and over, for eternity -- if it meant we could see Hot Chip play forever.

Photo by Ian Witlen

The English quintet seemed to be the opposite of every other act at Ultra. No masks, no gimmicks. The Hot Chip guys' dorky demeanor doesn't exactly make the groupies crowd around them. But when you have cuts like "Over and Over," "And I Was a Boy From School," "One Life Stand," "I Feel Better," and "Flutes" -- all of which were played at UMF -- you really don't need any cheap tricks.

Even when these Brits launched into the first song of the night, they didn't let a few technical difficulties slow them down. The vocals sounded fuzzy and the instruments too low, causing a mess of an introduction to Ultra-goers.

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Richard Larralde
Richard Larralde

you put a great band into a show full of people listening to bad music. if they would of been in a fest closer to their style,they would be legends. but kids in this time are too concerned about that fake ass wobble every wanna be with 1,000 dollars can mimmik.the live stage is a better one than a digital one.people are just getting really lazy and dont want to do much to get an amazing result.

Isabel Conoepan
Isabel Conoepan

They should have played the first weekend! Or done a show at a venue. So disappointed

Jake Pierce
Jake Pierce

Told this girl to go see Hot Chip. Her response, "Who's Hot Chip?" My response? Unfriend.

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