Ultra 2013: Snoop Dogg Goes From Rasta to Gangsta to Raver, Debuts "No Guns Allowed"

Photo by Jacob Katel

If, homie, you're sweating the possibility that Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.'s recent Rasta conversion (and Snoop Lion name change) might mean that he's no longer a gangsta...

Check that shit at the Ultra Music Festival gates. Because Snoop might love Jah, feel like "Bob Marley reincarnated," and prefer ganja to blunts now. But he's still an OG pimp in Crips blue who's down to "get fucked up" and put "a fat dick [in] your motherfuckin' mouth."

Although, he'll rave like he's "young and wild and free" too.

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Photo by Jacob Katel

With the sun slipping below the city skyline on Sunday evening, drenching downtown Miami in dusky pink sunlight, the Doggfather chilled, waiting for his 7:20 p.m. slot on the Ultra live stage, standing just out of sight with the rest of his Dogg Pound (including plush-headed mascot Nasty Dogg) as Bob Marley's "Jammin'" and Tupac's "California Love" wafted out at half volume over blinged-out raver bros and 18-year-old girls waving glitter-and-cardboard signs that read "Smoke With Me Snoop."

Photo by Jacob Katel

Looking like a straight gangsta, he stepped out in baggy-ass jeans, a huge Crips blue T, a fat gold rope 'round his throat, and a platinum diamond-studded fist ring on his right hand.

But he led with a reggae cut, "Here Comes the King," a single off Reincarnated, his debut album as Snoop Lion, produced in part by Diplo and Major Lazer, who'd just left the Ultra live stage after setting off a strip sesh.

Photo by Jacob Katel

And all night, he proved Rasta is gangsta. Which pretty much seemed to be the Ultra mission -- reconciling his long-standing thug persona with the Reincarnated Snoop and showing where the West Coast borders Zion.

Even the Dogg Pound crew members were wearing Rasta-colored "We Da West" T's.

Photo by Jacob Katel

Rolling through the gangsta part of the set, Snoop spit "1-8-7 on an undercover..." before trailing off for the "cop" part of the rhyme.

He asked the ravers: "Are you gonna get fucked up?" Then he called out for his "favorite drink," some "Gin & Juice," before hollering: "Gimme some motherfuckin' pimp music!"

"I don't know what you heard about me,"
he chimed out. "I drive a Cadillac, wear a perm 'cause I'm a G/'Cause I'm a motherfuckin' P-I-M-P."

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