Ultra 2013: Swedish House Mafia's Last Show Ever Was Celebratory, Not Sad


The end of any Ultra Music Festival weekend is when things start to get real.

After three full days of dancing and pounding music, mostly in the sun, only the strongest make it to the end, and even they can get cranky. So while positive vibes ruled over 99 percent of the festival, as Swedish House Mafia's last show ever (and the final main stage set of Ultra 2013) approached, things got kind of ugly in the middle of the crowd.

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Sweaty, shirtless bros stamped on the feet of kandi kids as they pushed past with plastic cups of Heineken, and the tension of near-fights seemed to bristle everywhere in the air. Uh, what gives, in a scene that's supposed to be about peace and dancing and all that good stuff?

Perhaps everyone was just superstressed that there were only a few minutes to go until Swedish House Mafia's last show ever? A group of guys in the crowd crowed that they would "remember this in 20 years!" before doing a group cheers with their beers. Two decades is ... a long time. But with thousands and thousands of revelers crammed red-face-to-dripping-chest for the last few strains of mega-smashes like "One," it was impossible to deny the group's impact over just five years.

And luckily, at least some of the aggressiveness among the masses started to melt during the massive, nearly six-minute buildup to the SHM's first song, "Greyhound." (Remember, that's a song that was specifically written to sell Absolut Vodka and push the old-fashioned greyhound drink, just another testament to the group's, uh, branding power.)

From there, the set was one big crescendo.

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