Ultra 2013: Top Five Trends, From Big Beautiful Butts to No Hipsters

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Things that are cool in one context are often not cool in others. For instance, if you arrived at the Pitchfork Music Festival in your kandi best, you would certainly not be the belle of the ball. You'd be a lame-o freak in neon, crying over a box of doughnuts on her way home.

But just as location affects what is cool, so does time. What was cool at the same place last year, isn't going to be cool today. We've found that at Ultra Music Festival, things stay basically the same. There are people raving around like psychedelic Shetland ponies, exposed bellies and bums vibrating to the bass, and, of course, the random pair of JNCOs. But things change. People change. Trends change.

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5. Being Nice
When I realized my iPhone had fallen out of my back pocket on Sunday, I was not a happy raver. But a friendly chick in the bathroom line lent me her phone to call mine. She was really nice about it.

Then the guy who found it on the ground waited patiently as I called him frantically from like three other peoples' phones till we found each other. That was also really nice!

Then later, when I really had to pee, another girl let me skip the line! Unheard of in downtown Miami. When is anyone that nice?

You can attribute it to Molly, but that's a load of crap. I'd rather blame all that peace, love, unity, and respect. Ultra-goers are actually more affable than just about anyone you'll meet at a huge festival. You think someone at Lollapalooza would have waited around holding a stranger's phone? Think again.

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Bayfront Park

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

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hipster this hipster that!!!

okay BRO


EXACTLY! FUCK BODY ISSUES! Thank you! Finally someone wrote what i've though my entire life.  Who cares. Lets just enjoy life and have fun ;-)

Hary Hippe
Hary Hippe

Those are not Miami Butts. Not big or round enough.

George Attard
George Attard

How can I hide anything with the word "ultra" in it..

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