Ultra Music Festival Announces 2014 Dates, Only One Three-Day Weekend

The uhntz-uhntz hasn't even died down.

But just minutes after wrapping its six-day 2013 edition with Swedish House Mafia's last show ever, Ultra Music Festival has already announced a plan for next year's insane EDM extravaganza.

"See you all next year at Ultra Music Festival 2014!" the fest's organizers tweeted, adding, "Thanks for making history with us!"

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Next year's festival is currently set for the last weekend of March, beginning on the 28th and wrapping on the 30th. But that's only three days.

So if the six-day UMF plan wasn't a total financial disaster in 2013, we can only assume that Ultra 2014 will take over the 21st through the 23rd too.

We can also guess that the fest will take over Bayfront Park for the third year in a row.

So keep fist-pumping forever, beat freaks.

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Ozkr Villeda
Ozkr Villeda

Of course cause they gotta get permission first from the city. That's gonna take some time.

Cathy Glover
Cathy Glover

I saw that before SHM took to the stage on UMFTV.... I'm wondering why they didn't announce a second weekend....

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