Bomba Estereo Rocks Heineken TransAtlantic Festival 2013 With Sex and Snarl

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
Bomba Estéreo's Li Saumet.
Bomba Estéreo
With Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora
Heineken TransAtlantic Festival 2013
North Beach Bandshell
Saturday, April 6, 2013

Better Than: An aguardiente-drenched wedding in Bogotá.

Man or woman, if Bomba Estéreo's Liliana "Li" Saumet doesn't make some part of your anatomy hum with strange, sensual electricity, then you need a libido transfusion.

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Photo by Yesenia Hernandez

Saumet took the Heineken TransAtlantic Festival stage in style on Saturday night, dressed in a knee-length, metal-studded jean jacket, fishnet top, and tight, green metallic shorts. She gripped the mic with a pink glove, and snarled superquick Spanish lyrics from behind a bizarre frilly pink headpiece. Her bleach-blond ponytail snapped back and forth as she whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Saumet might have looked like a neon-lit, Latina version of early '80s Madonna, but Bomba Estéreo rocked harder than ol' Madge ever has.

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez

After an energetic but slightly staccato opening performance by female Brazilian rapper Zuzuka Poderosa, Bomba Estéreo hit the stage and began to play a long, synthy intro.

Saumet was nowhere to be seen, however, and the crowd -- a nice mixture of hipsters and families with kids -- stirred with anticipation. Then there was a flash of pink and Saumet appeared on stage.

"Wassup Miami?" she belted, climbing on top of a speaker as the fascinator glowed like hellfire on top of her head. "Bomba Estéreo en la casa!"

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez

Suddenly drummer Kike Egurrola began pounding out a sharp beat. Simón Mejía and his mustache started strumming the bass. And as the scrawny Julián Salazar synth-ed away on the keyboard, Saumet launched into "Caribbean Power."

The lead singer was all sex and snarl, and by the time Bomba began its second song -- the hit "Sintiendo" off the group's most recent album -- the crowd was bewitched.

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North Beach Bandshell

7275 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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