Diddy, Kate Upton Deny SoBe Makeout Sesh: "I'm Not Dating Her! ... Not at All True"

It's tough to find a fully-clothed pic of Kate Upton. We tried.

Eyewitness testimony is notoriously tricky.

It's a massive cause of wrongful criminal convictions in these United States of America. And it's also the usual source for sloppy gossip reports about celebs sucking face in the VIP of South Beach's glossiest megaclub.

Like, say, this morning's juicy New York Daily News tidbit about Sean "Diddy" Combs and Kate "Booberstar" Upton swapping spit, a charge to which Mr. Combs is pleading not guilty.

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For real ...

Despite the Daily News anonymous source's insistence that "they were kissing, they weren't hiding it," Diddy is hiding denying it.

And so is Ms. Upton.

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