DJ Sneak: Five Reasons He's a House Gangster

He Hustles
He might be old enough to have a fathered a lot of the club rats at his gigs these days, but Sneak is still one of the hardest working men in house music, with a hectic international tour schedule, a number of labels under his belt, and a catalog of original releases that never stops growing. In fact, Sneak just dropped his latest record with Riva Starr this week!

He Keeps It Real
DJ Sneak has been in the game for two decades, but he has never sold out. His underground ethos remains intact after all these years, as he continues to release and spin raw jacking house records, while never pandering to commercial tastes and EDM trends.

He's Got Swag
Sneak has turned his whole house gangster swagger into a personal trademark, but not in a douchey commercial way -- more as a way of taking a stand and defending the values of authentic, underground house music. He's also not afraid to call out other DJs when they sell out those values to turn a buck, like he did with Swedish House Mafia, and more recently, Armand Van Helden.

DJ Sneak. With Jesse Perez. Thursday, April 11. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 11 p.m. and tickets cost $15 plus fees via Ages 21 and up. Call 305-531-5535 or visit


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WANKSTA. Honestly, how many more people are going to fall for his bullshit. I have never seen so many lemmings in my life. It's all about marketing people, if he was all about the love, why would he have a clothing line. It's gotten old already.

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

whats funny is that he talked about armand van helden and yet his old records sound like a armand type of

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

there is no such thing as house gangster...he is fucking stupid and sucks as a dj..if u want to be a gangster go to hip hop you fat shit


@gmore601 It's not because he has a clothing line that he is a sell out, you shouldn't jump to conclusions like that. Off course a lot of this house gangster stuff is marketing but he doesn't do that for the same reasons as david guetta or SHM would do, and even if he does want to make a little money for himself I wouldn't blame him, he worked hard enough and played a great part in making REAL, ORIGINAL house music big. And yes, with this new EDM shit going on, a strong house gangster figure alike person might just be what the scene needs in order to keep it alive. So shut the fuck up if you don't know what you're talking about.


@Donnie Donnie Whats even funnier is that you are proving his point.....

The whole reason he shit talked AVH is because he WAS one of the purveyors of the underground, and now hes playing pure cheese commercial shit so he can remain relevant.


@Donnie Donnie You obviously don't know shit about the house and electronic music scene. Ever heard Sneak even play? I'm tired of these small minded douchebags like you, go fuck yourself.


@Donnie Donnie Butt hurt SHM fanboy detected.

If you actually think he "sucks as a Dj," then you have no clue what you are talking about.

There is no such thing as EDM either.

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