Flo Rida's Bugatti Veyron Goes "100% Gold"

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Via facebook.com/MetroWrapz
What a "Good Feeling"...

You're so deep in the "Sweet Spot" and so loaded with "Sugar" that dropping approximately $2,250,000 on a ride like the Bugatti Veyron ain't no thang.

But who's even gonna "Let It Roll" unless it's "100% Gold"?

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Via facebook.com/OfficialFlo

That's right...

In a gaudy show of "#strongarmlifestyle" at this past weekend's Forgiato Fest at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Mr. Rida got a "high-end custom wrap" for his 'Gatti from MetroWrapz, a self-described "premier vehicle wrapping company located in Hollywood, Florida."

Bonus Flo protip: No chick rides unless she's "100% Gold"-wrapped too.

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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

i wonder who likes his music?? his music sucks really bad, i think he is one of the worst singers ever, top 40 crap, just goes to show you there are alot of people with bad taste in music out there

Marshall Johns
Marshall Johns

Aside from annoying people with his music, he can now annoy drivers with the sun reflecting off a gold covered car. Stupid.

Elsa Jimenez
Elsa Jimenez

I didnt know he had that much money. I wouldnt drive a gold 2.5 million dollar car in Miami. Hell Im terrified when cars get too close to my minivan


I guess he does not know what to do with this money. 

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