Jarabe de Palo's A Piano y Voz at Grand Central Miami: A Ten-Photo Recap

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Jarabe de Palo's A piano y voz
With Ulises Hadjis and Mr. Pauer
Grand Central, Miami
Saturday, April 27, 2013

In a very intimate setting at Grand Central in downtown Miami, Spanish rock band Jarabe de Palo kicked off its latest tour around the United States, called A piano y voz.

The idea: Perform classic Jarabe love songs in a pure and simple way. Just as they were created -- with a voice and one instrument.

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Photo by Luz Elena Silva
Opener Ulises Hadjis.

The doors opened at 9 p.m. as Mr. Pauer played some of his famous mixes while people grabbed drinks and took their seats. The opening act was Venezuelan singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis, who performed some of la música that recently earned him a Latin Grammy Award nod.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Founded in 1996, Jarabe de Palo has produced a long list of love songs that are perfect for piano y voz. And Pau Donés, the band's singer and songwriter, performed many of them while Jaime Burgos accompanied him on the piano. In the background, Grand Central's LED screen showed Carlos Tarque of Spanish group M-Clan reciting poems as an introduction to some of the songs.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

The scenography was also intimate and simple, with a couch, the piano, a set of bongos, and guitar. The club was full, but this concert still felt like a personal session between the artist and the audience.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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