Jay-Z, Beyonce in Cuba Was Approved by U.S. Treasury as "People-to-People" Cultural Visit

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The Carters were officially OK-ed to vacay in Castro's Cuba.

According to "a source familiar with the itinerary," Jay-Z and Beyonce's controversial fifth-anniversary trip to the island, Reuters reports, was fully approved and licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department as a "people-to-people" cultural visit.

UPDATE Marco Rubio says Jay-Z and Beyonce are "tourists who have no interest in the Cuban people's freedom," demands the "Obama administration explain."

UPDATE #2 The Treasury Department has officially confirmed that Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba was indeed "authorized."

UPDATE #3 Ros-Lehtinen still insists Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba "was a wedding anniversary vacation that was not even disguised as a cultural program."

UPDATE #4 Jay-Z's finally responded to his Cuba haters with a new track called "Open Letter" and words like, "Obama said, 'Chill, you gon get me impeached.'"

UPDATE #5 Pitbull has dropped a rap response to Jay-Z and Beyonce's Cuba visit, offering to pay for the trip.

UPDATE #6 Problem Kids have released "Useful Idiot" about Jay-Z: "The real cuba is not what he portrayed"

UPDATE #7 Obama has commented on Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba, saying: ""This is not something the White House was involved with. We've got better things to do."

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After flying out of Miami last Wednesday, Hova and Bey landed in Havana for a three-day stay -- which, Reuters' source notes, "involved no meetings with Cuban officials, or typical tourist activity such as trips to the beach."

Instead, the supercouple smoked Cubano cigars. They ate out at famed paladare, La Guardia. They partied with the musicians from the island, like Haila Mompié and 90-year-old Juana Bacallao.

"I never imagined that I would be the one to sing for the great international American stars: Beyoncé and Jay-Z," Mompié raved via Facebook. "You can't imagine the emotion I felt being able to give my humble voice to those two greats. It was like a dream..."

The Carters also got a tour of the Old City of Havana from architect Miguel Coyula. And they mingled with la gente in the streets.

But they did "not say one word," South Floridian member of Congress Ileana Ros-Lehtinen complains to Reuters, "about the brutality their hosts display against all pro-democracy activists."


So far, there's been no official comment from the U.S. Treasury Department (or its Office of Foreign Assets Control, the branch that issues licenses for trips to Cuba) because, as the agency tells Reuters, "it does not comment on individual cases."

Maybe, though, Hova and Bey's buddy, Obama in the Oval Office, can personally vouch for the Carters' "contribut[ion] to the development of civil society in Cuba."

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Now, while it's great that Cuba gets exposure, good grief, traveling there ignorantly without exposing the dark side is just so not cool. 


OK dumb asses who are ignorant of Cuban history ...  if you can travel there but can't spend money what are you going to do? You can't bring water on board, right? So you're going to dehydrate.  And then you won't be able to buy food, will you? Or stay at a fake-ass government-sponsored hotel with the local hookers, will you? Yeah, unless you sneak in a whole roasted pig in your suitcase, which most Cubans can't afford to eat.  I am very open minded about conversation between Cuba and the US but I have lost respect for these two otherwise very talented artists/producers.  Go to another f*cking Caribbean island, geez, the beaches are beautiful everywhere. What f*cking cause or goodwill did this promote, anyway. I call major bullshit.


I guess Illiana wanted them to turn it into a political trip.  Oh wait, if they did that, then they would then be violating the embargo.  The one person who really seems to want to make the trip into a political issue is Illiana herself, serving (in the great Roy Cohn tradition) in her usual role as a hatchet person for the Republican Party.


Americans are free to travel to Cuba, they just can not spend money there.

Why were these "superstars" granted a "people to people" visa for an anniversary? Serious, the Cuba people have plenty of "people to people" exchanges with the rest of the world - Canadians, Europeans, South Americans. There is no need for Americans to go on a "people to people" trip as Cuba is thoroughly exposed to the rest of the world already.... This smacks of special treatment for Obama's superrich friends....the ultra hypocritical 1%.

dantevida topcommenter

Ros and Portilla would do more for Cubans by bringing an end to the failed, outdated embargo.  not to mention allowing American citizens to travel freely which they want to prohibit.  how ironic.

dantevida topcommenter

@Jorge so americans are free to travel to Cuba? yet you think that because Beyonce and Jz did, they are getting special treatment by Obama?  you are contradicting yourself.


@dantevida @Jorge Learn to read....not illegal to travel to Cuba but is illegal to spend money in Cuba. How about you apply to do EXACTLY what these to did and see if the Obama (hypocrite) treasury department says to you........

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