Kate Upton, Diddy Caught Sucking Face on South Beach

What are the perks of life as a has-been Bad Boy?

Well, there's continuing to cruise atop Forbes' "Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists" with personal riches exceeding $580 million.

And then there's flashing that cash and guzzling unlimited Cîroc while sucking face with freshly single Sports Illustrated swimsuit booberstar Kate Upton in the VIP of South Beach's glossiest megaclub.

UPDATE Diddy and Kate Upton have both denied the SoBe makeout sesh, respectively tweeting "I'm not dating her!" and "Not at all true."

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For real...

Even though Diddy is still publicly linked to GF and Bad Boy label signee Cassie, the 43-year-old rap mogul was reportedly spied swapping spit with the 20-year-old beach model babe at LIV, according to some hot gossip just published in the New York Daily News.

And upping the scandaliciousness, it all went down just weeks after Kate split from longtime baseball boyfriend, the Detroit Tigers' Cy Young-winning ace Justin Verlander.

Via instagram.com/IAmDiddy

"They were kissing," a witness tells the Daily News. "They weren't hiding it."

No word on whether Ms. Upton was wearing a bikini up in the club, though.

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John SomeJerk
John SomeJerk

i used to dislike the diddy but between this and "Get Him To the Greek" i'm starting to dig this guys taste

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