Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes on Being Georgie Fruit: "I Never Ask, 'Who Am I Right Now?'"

Photo by Nina Barnes
Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes, AKA Georgie Fruit.

Imagine upside-down polka dot monsters, naked pig people, and men in bras dancing amid massive rainbow bursts and confetti explosions. Now add a soundtrack of infectious, uplifting, and thought-provoking indie pop that challenges what everyday life has taught you to expect from reality.

If you can paint (and score) that fantastical moving picture in your mind, then you will have a pretty good idea of the topsy-turvy psychedelic tripout awaiting us when Of Montreal returns to the Magic City this week.

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Of Montreal in Miami, 2010. Check out Crossfade's full 35-photo slideshow.

"We definitely love what we do," says the band's lead singer and musical mastermind, Kevin Barnes. "It's great to have a sort of communal experience with other humans on that level and be a part of something like Of Montreal."

Barnes and an ever-changing lineup of fantasists have been producing and touring Of Montreal's music since 1996. They've released 11 albums to date, though the live show focuses on music from 2007 and later. That was the moment, in Barnes' opinion, when he and his outfit came into themselves -- musically, stylistically, and, as far as live production, financially.

Photo by Ian Witlen
Of Montreal in Miami, 2010. Check out Crossfade's full 35-photo slideshow.

"We always had desired to have some sort of production, but we never really had the budget to do it," Barnes explains. "Early on, we did what we could. But everything is DIY and self-funded. Sometimes we have a bigger budget than other times, and that kind of determines what level of production we'll have for each tour. So it's always different."

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