Recloose On His DJ Career: "Expect To See Me in the Club Well Into My 60s"

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Virtuoso is one phrase that comes to mind to describe Recloose, AKA Matthew Chicoine.

Also, master turntablist (not a credential you hear much in this era of laptop "DJs"), multi-instrumentalist producer, band leader, and even music academician molding the minds of electronic dance music's next generation of DJ-producers.

Of course, on international dancefloors, Recloose is among the most hotly tipped veterans of house and techno, boasting over a decade's worth of releases on beloved imprints like !K7, Planet E, Sonar Kollektiv, and Delusions of Grandeur.

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And when you consider that he's made his way literally from the other side of the planet -- his current home in New Zealand -- to play a rare DJ gig at The Vagabond on Saturday with SAFE, we can't stress enough how sorry you'd be to miss him.

Ahead of Saturday's gig, Crossfade caught up with the eminent and talented Mr. Chicoine to talk about his Detroit techno roots, his new releases, and why you shouldn't worry about him throwing in the towel as a DJ anytime soon.

Crossfade: How did growing up in Detroit shape you as a musician? Which local artists and music scenes were immediate sources of influence?
Recloose: I grew up in the surrounding environs of Detroit in the late '80s to early '90s. Living in the outer circle of 'burbs, you weren't overly aware of what was happening in the city, but I had an inkling of what was happening via the airwaves with the Electrifying Mojo and Jeff Mills' Wizard shows. It wasn't until I started venturing into the city myself, and later moved there in the mid '90s, that it all made more sense to me. The atmosphere and history of the city, and music that comes out of it are intimately connected, and it was this realization that enticed me to take music more seriously, and with a certain respect and solemnity.

My influences and experiences were really diverse. I played saxophone, guitar, piano, but was also working as a DJ. I came up listening to a lot of jazz and hip-hop, but was also listening to Detroit techno and some house. These influences, and my time in Detroit, helped shape the artist I've become (and am still becoming).

How did you first hook with Detroit techno legend Carl Craig? And what did he impart to you as an artist?
I met Carl by chance through my day job at a local deli. I slid him a demo one day -- on a sandwich, if you hadn't heard the story -- and he contacted me shortly thereafter. For me, having Carl as an early mentor was really important to my development. Not only did he put out my first records and help break my name, I had a chance to witness first-hand his talent and application of his own artistry to the music he made. Carl is one of those Detroit artists who has a certain finesse and deeper relationship with his music, be it in the studio or in the DJ booth. So it was a real privilege for me to be able to absorb what he did, and ask him questions in an immediate sense.

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