Rihanna Blows $8,000 on Miami Strippers, Eats Weed Cake, Joins #HeatNation

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Via instagram.com/BadGirlRiRi
Ms. Fenty miming cunnilingus at a Miami Heat game with homegirl Melissa Forde.

If all y'all follow Bad Girl RiRi on Instagram, you already know she loves the weed, the green, and the big booties.

So it's no surprise that Rihanna got down with the Magic City's finest smoke, cash money, and fat asses after her 4/20 show in SoFla.

Just check the cut for a five-photo timeline of Ms. Fenty's marijuana, strippers, and Heat party spree in Miami.

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Via instagram.com/BadGirlRiRi

On Saturday, RiRi blew into Broward County's BB&T Center with her Diamonds world tour. And celebrating the 4/20 triumph, she ate a weed leaf cake that also happened to be sucking on his own postshow blunt. Fiyah!

Via instagram.com/BadGirlRiRi
"K.O.D got me a #420 welcome #cake to pop my cherry!"

Still hungry, though, our girl made a very early Sunday-morning trip to Miami's King of Diamonds strip club, where 200 big booties (not to mention another pot holiday pastry) was waitin' for her to "lick the icing off." As Rihanna herself would say, she "want that cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake."

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scott19674 topcommenter

She's a pig.  Can't sing. Will sink without a trace within 5 years.

Callous Conflict
Callous Conflict

yall pretty late on that 1, that cake looked freakin awesome lol

Kelli Crawford
Kelli Crawford

Glad to see she's feeling better after canceling those concerts that people spent their hard-earned money buying...

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