Taylor Swift's Red Tour in Miami: Booty Shorts, Mimes, and Screaming Fans

Photo by Sayre Berman

Taylor Swift
With Ed Sheeran
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Better Than: One Direction's Harry Styles caught wearing a shiny gold thong while ironing his tighty whities.

Taylor Swift may get trashed for writing songs about almost every single one of her ex-boyfriends. But man, can she put on a show.

Still, if it isn't her much-rumored, rapid-fire Hollywood hook-ups that gets the haters chattering, it's her on-stage performances.

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Photo by Sayre Berman

T-Swift connects with her fans and keeps them on their toes. Maybe she'll bust out on the banjo, dress as a 1940s Hollywood star, come out from under the stage in a giant music box, or soar from one side of the arena to the other on a flying pedestal.

One thing's for sure, after watching Tay-Tay do work for nearly two hours, it's easy to see why half of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors fall for the Southern belle.

Photo by Sayre Berman

There were thousands of screaming tweens wrapped in Christmas lights, sporting cowboy boots and shredded red tie-dyed t-shirts. And regular fans, who've got nothin' but love for the girl, went wild as Taylor took the stage with her beat-busting hit, "State of Grace."

Fathers dressed in black slacks and pastel button-downs adorably sang along with their T-Swift obsessed daughters. Even a buff middle-aged dude jammed out to "Mean."

Photo by Sayre Berman

The crowd shouted each and every word (as they did with almost every song) and T-Swift strutted 'round the stage, wearing a white lace top, black leather booty shorts, ruby red slippers, and a black felt fedora while clutching a bedazzled red mic.

After one of Taylor's infamously awkward dances and a sequence involving flying drummers dressed in red hazmat suits springing from the stage on bungee straps during "Holy Ground," Taylor gave a shout out to her fans.

Photo by Sayre Berman

"People say I write songs about my feelings, which I do... but 13,000 of you opted in to hear about my feelings for two hours," Swift bragged. "There's this one color that represents the emotions of the songs I've been writing about, like passion, love, miscommunication, danger... these emotions are red."

After pouring out her feelings to the crowd some more, the cheers got louder until Taylor began singing the most appropriate song one can sing after talking about the color of passion, "Red" and surprised the entire arena as she jammed out on her electric, ruby red guitar.

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American Airlines Arena

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