Taylor Swift Superfans Talk Celebrity Exes, Taylor Haters, Throwing Punches for T-Swift

Photo by Laurie Charles
When Taylor Swift fanatics heard the news that Tay-Tay was coming to the Magic City ... OMG, they screamed uncontrollably. Then they immediately started planning out their concert outfits.

Some decided to show support by wearing Taylor's Red Tour t-shirts. Others decided to get a bit more creative with red tutus, bandanas, Stetson hats, and red star-shaped sunglasses, not to mention "Dancing like we're made of starlight" and "Loving Taylor is red" signs.

We here at Crossfade caught up with some T-Swift superfans and found out which of Taylor's exes they believed was the inspiration for "I Knew You Were Trouble" and what they had to say to all those haters out there.

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Photo by Laurie Charles
Crossfade: What do you love about Taylor Swift?
Carrie Harlan (left): She can't hold a relationship and neither can I, so that's why I love her.
Jenny Allen (right): We can identify.

Taylor spills her heart about her exes and love life in her music. Who do you think inspired "We're Never Getting Back Together"?
Carrie: That Kennedy guy.
Jenny: Connor Kennedy.

How about "You Were Trouble"?
Carrie: I feel like it's Harry Styles. I need to get my T-Swift timeline down.

What do you have to say to her haters?
Carrie: I'm subscribed to her on Facebook. I will throw punches for T-Swift. She can sing through a blowhorn and I'll love her.

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