Thurston Moore Doing Noise Session at Sweat Records, Free With O, Miami Tickets

Photo by Ian Witlen

A tragically pea-brained swath of society doesn't believe P. Scott Cunningham and the University of Wynwood's month-long, citywide "O, Miami" poetry festival is worth its weight in heroic couplets.

What? Does simultaneously flying in the guy who fucking invented indie rock and the poet Obama had read at his second inauguration sound like something that doesn't cost a lot of money? Not to mention a goddam month of consistently inventive programming that employs some of the most democratic and robustly successful crowd-sourced content we've ever seen?

Well, now, thanks to O, Miami and Sweat Records, some of these events are turning into straight-up bargains!

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's review of Thurston Moore's last arty trip to Miami during Basel 2012.

Did you shell out $20 to see former Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore read poetry? Good. Because that means your ticket has gone straight BOGO and you are now on the hyper-exclusive VIP list for a live, improvised Sweat Records performance, featuring Moore and, quite likely, every single member of South Florida's entire freaking noise scene.

This past Art Basel, Moore was rolling deep following his Basel performance at a Kurt Cobain seance. So he hit up a house party.


Drummer Steve Bristol, who had accompanied Thurston at the Gusman, was committed to filling at least three or four more buckets with perspiration. The rhythm section was completed by cult-legendary producer, label head, and musician KRAMER (Bongwater, Shimmy Disc label, and infinite other credits of equal relevance). And on dueling guitars were Miami's twin pillars of shit/freak noise, Rat Bastard and Kenny Millions.

That's why we wonder ... When Thurston Moore rolls up to Sweat, will he be riding in a clown car filled with perverted noise legends? Or will he opt to perform solo? What if he just reads more poetry?

Looks like you're going to have to buy some O, Miami tickets to find out.

Thurston Moore, Richard Blanco, and Megan Amram. As part of O, Miami 2013. Sunday, April 28. New World Center, 500 17th St., Miami Beach. The event begins at 7 p.m. and tickets cost $20 to $50 via Visit

Thurston Moore's Noise Session. Sunday, April 28. Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave. Miami. The show starts at 2 p.m. and admission is free with Megan & Richard & Thurston, O, MI! tickets. Call 786-693-9309 or visit

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Location Info

Sweat Records

5505 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

New World Center

500 17th St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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Lynette Agan
Lynette Agan

Any chance you can tell us who the lucky winner was?


Sorry, Dre Mendez. Tix have already been given away.

Dre Mendez
Dre Mendez

When do you guys announce the winner of the greatest prize ever Calvin Harris tickets!?

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