Trick Daddy "Sent Lil Wayne Packing Like a Little Bitch," Says Miami Rapper

Everybody's gotta answer to Da Mayor of Dade County.

The other night at King of Diamonds, it was Lil Wayne's turn, as Trick Daddy defended the 305 and his beloved #HeatGang by chasing the Young Money maniac outta the titty bar.

No word yet from KOD. But we here at Crossfade just spoke with a Miami rapper close to Da Mayor, who wishes to remain anonymous.

His account of the scuffle: Trick Daddy "sent Lil Wayne packing like a little bitch."

UPDATE King of Diamonds' Disco Rick just talked to Crossfade. And he says, "Lil Wayne is KOD... Trick never made him leave."

UPDATE #2 Trick Daddy says: "If I wanted to start shit with Lil Wayne, he'd have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure."

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On Monday, Weezy, Mack Maine, and Young Money were scheduled to be the celebrity guests of honor at the official "grand reopening of King of Diamonds."

But then "Trick Daddy came in with his crew," Da Mayor's associate says, "he and 20 of his guys surrounded the stage, and told Lil Wayne and Young Money to get the fuck out of here.

"They got up, Lil Wayne got his $50,000 in dollar bills and dipped the fuck out. And Trick followed them outside, hollering, 'What the fuck you gotta say about Miami now?'

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Fuk dat I say we boycot KOD!!!!

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