Trick Daddy "Sent Lil Wayne Packing Like a Little Bitch," Says Miami Rapper


Once a regular at the strip club's "world famous Monday fight night," paying ladies upwards of $1000 to engage in fisticuffs, Weezy will never be back, according to Da Mayor's rapper buddy.

"Trick shut the club down. He sent Lil Wayne packing like a little bitch. No more KOD Mondays for Lil Wayne."

But apparently, Trick Daddy won't be returning to King of Diamonds anytime soon either. "The strippers were all upset because they didn't get to make money, and the owner of KOD banned Trick from the club."

Still, our source says, this whole Trick-versus-Weezy incident could've been way worse. "Security had to hold 'em back. It was going to be World War III."

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King of Diamonds

17800 NE 5th Ave., Miami, FL

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Fuk dat I say we boycot KOD!!!!

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