Ultra Music Festival Releases Official 2013 Closing Movie: "We Miss You Guys So Much ;("

Suffering from uhntz-uhntz withdrawal?

Well, your BFFs at Ultra Music Festival are hurting too. They're just wracked with the painful physical and psychological symptoms of craving the lost companionship of 330,000 beat freaks. Even tweeting, "We miss you guys so much ;("

Desperate to alleviate the pain of silence and separation after just two weeks, the Ultra peeps are screaming "Thanks for the memories!" with the release of the fest's official 2013 closing movie, Forever in My Mind.

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Directed by Final Kid, this 245-second cinematic love letter is "a special video to thank everybody," your UMF-ers ecstatically exclaim, "for an historic 15th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival in Miami!

"Attended by 330,000 people and watched by more than 10 million people on Youtube! We really made history together!


"But," your Ultra Music Festival BFFs admit, "it's just a little taste for what is to come in RELIVE ULTRA MIAMI 2013 (the official aftermovie) coming in June. #RELIVEULTRA"

The memories will never end. Peace, love, unity, respect. Uhntz-uhntz.

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Lauren Kathryn
Lauren Kathryn

I didnt go because l got to see the djs l personally liked during wmc...and didnt have to hear 10 other djs drowning out each other. So yes l miss WMC not Ultra

Brenda Bastos
Brenda Bastos

I cried the last Sunday like a dork because they were leaving… I also worked with the production company who put up the stages and A/V equipment and my perspective for ULTRA is very different than others. It was painful and hard work to get that show going… it might seem dumb to u but next time u go to a show/concert take a look around and just imagine what it takes to get that done… A rigger died in San Antonio from a 100ft fall this morning putting a stage up… blood, sweat n tears…

Devin Cejas
Devin Cejas

Sure, thanks for taking away our park for three weeks and rendering it unusable, closed off until the unforeseeable future!

Mario Francisco Garcia
Mario Francisco Garcia

Definitely miss it even though I didn't go this year. I did get to go to some of the other parties that week and had lots of fun.

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