Wanee 2013: Jam Bands and Dudes With Tramp Stamps, a Report From Juke's Eric Garcia

Juke's Eric Garcia, embracing the Wanee spirit.

Wanee 2013, Day Two
Nothing was on the books for us. So sleeping in a bit and hitting the Waffle House seemed logical. The only question: Should go to the Waffle House a quarter mile past the hotel? Or the Waffle House a quarter mile in the other direction? Yes, that's right. Waffle House in Live Oak is like Starbucks in Seattle. My bass player wanted to opt for the Huddle House, but that's just fucking idiotic.

We headed back to the festival after breakfast with our laminates dangling and wristbands on. Then we lounged about backstage, listening to the bands. Beers in hands, my girl and I decided to get out into the crowd and check out this beautiful park. She was promptly ass-grabbed by Towelie when posing for a picture, and good times were had by all.

The Greyboy Allstars were supposed to play the late set that night. But we were all kind of tired and had to wake up for the Travelling Stage thing the next day. Too bad, I heard it was a sick show.

Photo by Eric Garcia
Towelie meets girl. Eyes go bloodshot. And the grabby hands come out.

Wanee 2013, Day Three
The Travelling Stage was awesome. I highly recommend drinking whiskey at noon and being wheeled around endless campgrounds while playing an amplified harmonica. It just doesn't happen to everyone. The best part is that these people seemed to love it. They would usually emerge from their tents and wave and run up and give us beer.

That afternoon was a different story. Bobby Lee Rodgers asked me to sit in with his band for their go at the Travelling Stage run. This was a whole different animal and trying to keep up with these guys' chops sobered me up like the day I was born. I loved doing it. But I was way outta my league.

Still, that's the thing about these festivals. You will not get the musicianship or the musicianship appreciation at any other event anywhere.

Later, Steel Pulse and the Allman Brothers were all set to play a big set. But we were all kind of tired. So we headed back to the hotel. Too bad, I heard it was a sick show.

Photo by Eric Garcia
Sittin' in with the world-famous Lee Boys.

Wanee 2013, Day Four
The last few hours. And there was just one more task left for me to do. I got to sit in with the world-famous Lee Boys at Wanee.

Now, people in Miami don't seem to understand that the Lee Boys are a big deal just about everywhere else but where they live. Here! In Miami!

So on an early Saturday afternoon, up at the Spirit of Swanee Music Park, when they hear Roosevelt Collier's pedal steel start to scream and the Lee Boys bring it, those Wanee music junkies start gravitating down the hill to the stage like happy-ass zombies.

Best quote from the whole festival was Lil Al, the bass player for the Lee Boys, commenting on some free and delicious grub in the hospitality tent.

In the middle of our meal, he exclaimed, "Mmmm! Whoever invented food must be rich!!!"

--Eric Garcia

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Hey I would really love for my band Sun Signs to be able to play at wanee in 2014. Is there a contact point that I could have in order to try to make that happen? It would be much appreciated.


Hi! someone from your blog took a picture of me i was wondering where it is? haha

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