Alejandro Sanz: "I Always Wake Up Thinking, One More Day to Conquer"


Among the most commercially successful and artistically respected Latin pop artists in the world, singer, songwriter, and composer Alejandro Sanz has sold more than 22 million albums over the last two decades while also becoming the most Grammy-winning Spanish-language artist in history, with three Grammys and 16 Latin Grammys in his trophy case.

So predictably, when his latest album, La Música No Se Toca, was released in September, it immediately rocketed to the top of Latin radio charts in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador, among others.

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Now Alejandro's taking La Música No Se Toca around the globe, from Peru to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, and Costa Rica. So far, he has sold out dozens of shows, performing for huge crowds at huge venues, including the legendary Foro Sol in México City for 50,000 fans. And next week, he will arrive at our very own American Airlines Arena.

In the midst of all this frenzied traveling, though, Sanz took time to speak with Crossfade about his new album, his tour, and playing for his second home, Miami.

Crossfade: Your album, La Música No Se Toca, have been a huge success so far. After all these years, are you still surprised by people's response to your music?
Alejandro Sanz: I think one always has to be amazed and thankful. Many times, we take things for granted. But actually, it's been many years of hard and intense work in different countries. Now it almost seems like a gift to me, but the truth is there's a lot of hard work behind it, and I'm still surprised and thankful every time I see the reaction of people at my concerts, signing all the songs I composed. It's been worth it.

This latest tour will visiting U.S. cities like Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and Miami. Has it been difficult to break into the American market?
Yes. Very difficult. I got here around 15 or 20 years ago. My first trip was to Los Angeles and then to Miami. At that time, my record company was Warner Bros. and the person in charge of my PR had my records in the trunk of the car and that's how we would go to all the radio stations, newspapers, and TV stations promoting my music. It wasn't easy. The Hispanic community in this country is growing so much, but it has still been hard to go to the media, since most of it's in English. But it's been worth it too. It's a fantastic country.

Now Miami is your second home. How does it feel to play for this city again?
It's always exciting, but I still have that feeling of not knowing what's going to happen. But the show this year is great. I'm sure people will really enjoy it.

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