Bloc Party's Russell Lissack: "Whatever Type of Music Tends to Be Popular Is Irrelevant"


Can you even believe it? Bloc Party's breakout debut, Silent Alarm, was released almost a decade ago. The band's survived the EDM explosion and still have a dedicated army of fans eagerly awaiting its next release -- which is coming pretty soon, it seems.

But what might be even more unbelievable is that Bloc Party's never actually played Miami. Like, what?

Good thing that's all about to change when the group invades Wynwood's Soho Studios for an extra-special Absolut X Vodka event, bringing visual art and music together in one awesome booze-fueled bonanza. Not even guitarist Russell Lissack knows exactly what to expect, but he's stoked.

Crossfade: Tell us about the party you're doing in Wynwood with Absolut X Vodka.
Russell Lissack: They set us up with this lady [Agustina Woodgate] who's an artist, and we've been communicating by email. But really, we don't know how it's going to completely pan out until we get there. She's been telling us her ideas about how things are going to look basically, and it all sounds quite exciting. We've never really done anything like this before. We're providing the soundtrack and she's providing the visuals and yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it's actually going to look.

It's great you can still get involved in really unique projects. You've been a band for a little more than a decade now and it's cool you can still push the envelope on what it is that you're doing in so many different ways.
It's exciting to do something different like this. When you tour so much, sometimes things can get a little bit repetitive, so to have the opportunity to do something quite different is really exciting. Someone was telling me recently Miami is becoming a bit of an art hub, and I think a lot of people are leaving from New York or other places because it's cheaper to live there now. It sounds like it's becoming a very creative area. It'll be nice to be a part of that.

I take it you haven't seen Wynwood.
We've only played in Miami once I think in our whole career, and that was quite a while ago, so it's nice to come back.

That's interesting. You were supposed to play an Ultra Festival before, but didn't?
In fact, we didn't even play in the end. Now I'm not sure that we've ever played Miami.

It's interesting you were booked to play UMF. You broke out in the mid-2000s, before dance music became so big, but even throughout your career, you seemed to have an easy time experimenting with a lot of dance elements. Where does that come from for you guys?
I guess for each of us individually it probably comes from a different place. The four of us have very different tastes in music. We always have, and we still do to this day. But certainly at that point I think Kele and I were a lot more into dance music and electronic music than the other guys. We had a portion of our youth spent playing guitars and going to gigs, while another good portion of it was spent going to clubs and raves. We always had different opportunities to experience that kind of music, and I think it was really important to both of us to incorporate that into what we've done because it's something we both really like.

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icculus17 topcommenter

they were supposed to play Ultra in 2009


Bloc Party played at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale back in April 2006.

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