Bloc Party's Russell Lissack: "Whatever Type of Music Tends to Be Popular Is Irrelevant"

You were signed to Dim Mak before Steve Aoki blew up.
Yeah, I mean, it's strange now y'know? Steve Aoki is one of the biggest DJs in the world I suppose. We just saw him. We were touring Australia playing a festival, and he was playing as well, so it was kinda nice to catch up. I think it was ten years ago we were all sleeping on his floor at his house in L.A. going out to shows, and it's all quite surreal. It's kind of strange, because back then Dim Mak was more of a indie label, a lot more guitar oriented. It's interesting to see the kind of transformation that's taking place.

There's a clip from a show where you were playing what seemed to be a new song, "Children of the Future." It sounds very rock'n'roll. Are you working on a new album? When will it release and what's the direction you're taking?
We literally were just in the studio this week actually. We still need to do the vocals, but we've been working on six new songs. Depending on how the finished things pan out, we're either going to put out a single or an EP. I think in June or July. That's one of the songs that could potentially be on it, but I think all six songs are very different. I think all the records we've made have been quite eclectic, and this EP is no different. I'm not sure ultimately what songs will be released, but there's quite a variety of songs and sounds coming up.

Is there anything in particular you're feeling inspired by right now?
It's kind of weird. I was listening to a lot more electronic music the last few months, stuff like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Deadmau5. Then the last few weeks, I've really made an effort to listen to some guitar music again. I was finding it really difficult to get inspired by guitar music recently. I listened to the album by Everything Everything and Foals, and they were both really good.

It's difficult to find really good guitar music in the modern space. You're a guitar player. How do you we go about bringing that sound back to the forefront?
I don't know if it needs to be. People listen to what they want to listen to, and I think naturally things tend to go in ebbs and flows. When there's a lot of electronic music around, eventually it gets to the point where it's oversaturated and people get sick of hearing thumping, wobbly basslines. Then the sound of four people playing with guitars and live instruments becomes refreshing. I think at some point, it just naturally tends to switch over rather than any kind of calculated plan to try and make it happen. But for me, I've always loved listening to so many different types of music, it doesn't matter to us much. I'll enjoy listening to electronic music and try to incorporate those ideas into what I do and what we do. Whatever type of music tends to be popular is kind of irrelevant.

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icculus17 topcommenter

they were supposed to play Ultra in 2009


Bloc Party played at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale back in April 2006.

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