Fashion Freakouts at Memorial Day Weekend 2013 in Miami

Photo by Jacob Katel

Oh, Urban Beach Week. You came and left so quickly. We're still coughing up your kush clouds, and they still taste like purple.

We can't get the image of your bubble-butt constricted by ill-fitting neon fishnets and your glorious bikini gut out of our minds. We only want to smoke our Swishers from your gold-ringed, yellow-nailed fingers. But alas, you have left us wanting.

Actually, we still have these great photos. Check the cut for Crossfade's top ten Fashion Freakouts at Memorial Day weekend 2013 in Miami.

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Photo by Jacob Katel

Bruh, it's Memorial Day weekend. You cannot step outside without at least two chains, a gold watch and a Styrofoam cup. Wear black so the gold pops on your well-exercised chest. Smile down at all the lovely bitches twerkin' off, and wait for them to come to you.

Photo by Logan Fazio

Godammit. That is a giant ass. It would look good in almost anything. Even a tiny patch of fabric with some string. So it looks kind of like a naked lady sat down on a black napkin and doesn't realize it. Whatever ... She knows she's sexy, and no law of physics is going to kill her vibe.

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So smelly and ugly wow.  I think most of them know it's black trash weekend


So when you were taking these photos, did you let people in on the "joke"

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