Fashion Freakouts at Star Wars Cosplay

Photo by Claire Nelson

Star Wars. It's not really a sexy movie, but try telling that to a bunch of geeks.

Alright, alright. We'll concede Leia's slave outfit produced a lot of first boners, and every woman wishes she could look so regal in bondage. But Darth Maul with boobs? That's just terrifying.

At least Yoda's a master of amazing Jedi party tricks. Like undoing a sexy stormtrooper's bra with one flick of his lightsaber.

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Photo by Claire Nelson

Even in real life, this bitch is some kind of lioness witch-goddess. Look at her evil stripes. She's clearly dancing on the dark-side. Something tells us a lot of good men have been seduced into doing some very bad things by her wicked ways. Rawr.

Photo by Claire Nelson

I love bad bitches, and that's my fucking problem. Actually, it's not a problem at all at this party. What would've happened if Darth Maul would have rocked this getup in the movie? Sure, he wouldn't have been nearly as grotesque and horrifying, but he would have looked great in boots and fishnets.

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Spazio Nightclub

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