Gunshots Fired Near Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull's South Florida Video Shoot

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Photo by Sayre Berman

A day at the beach is supposed to be relaxing.

But shortly after Entertainment Tonight's Rob Marciano sat down with Jennifer Lopez on the Fort Lauderdale Beach video shoot set for "Live It Up," J-Lo's latest collaboration with Pitbull, gunfire cast a dark cloud over production.

"BREAKING: Gunshots fired on Fort Lauderdale Beach DURING my JLo interview," Marciano tweeted yesterday afternoon. "No kidding. Security scrambled her away."

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Photo by Sayre Berman

The incident took place at a parking lot on 800 Seabreeze Boulevard, just north of "Live it Up" set. But there are conflicting reports as to whether or not shots were actually fired.

Less than an hour after his initial report, Marciano tweeted that police confirmed there was a shooting, but no one was injured. "Whew," he wrote.

Meanwhile, the Miami Herald reports that investigators combed the area for clues, but found no evidence to support the shooting claim.

New Times has contacted the Fort Lauderdale Beach Police Department to independently confirm the details. We'll update this blog when officials return our call.

UPDATE In an email to Crossfade, Detective DeAnna Greenlaw of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department writes:

Officers responded to a call of shots fired at the northernmost point of the Ft. Lauderdale Beach Park, parking lot (located in the 800 block of Seabreeze Blvd). Jennifer Lopez and her crew were filming in the southernmost end of this park.... Officers responded to the area in an attempt to investigate the incident; however, some of the individuals involved in the shooting fled prior to their arrival and the remaining individuals did not provide information. At this time there are no known witnesses, no reported injuries, no reported victim(s) and no further information.

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Hi Victor, its your cousin Liz (and Billy), we were at the taping yesterday in Fort Lauderdale Beach but left before all the excitement. Nice article.

George Romero
George Romero

did somebody worth saving like what they heard?

Em Azin
Em Azin


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