Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Baby:
Five Rumored Names!

This seems a lot like the joke we just made, except it's not even a joke. Apparently. Many gossip blogs, including Perez Hilton, have reported that Kanye and Kim are thinking about naming their kid Christ with a "K," so it can fit in with the whole familial alliteration. Go on, shake your head, but it doesn't take away their countless millions.

Fievel Goes
We just love this one for the play on words. Perhaps Kanye is a big fan of the American Tail movies. We know it's one of our favorite childhood flicks. What a way to pay homage. And then the kid can have a grand time watching and rewatching this video until his parents want to rip their hair out. Plus, the idea of Kanye's baby making The Lazy Eye at him is kind of fantastic.

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