Kastle and Austin Paul Brought the Real Sexy Back at Bardot Miami, May 2

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Kastle and Austin Paul: "We up."

Mainstream pop music's become so overly sexualized. Entertainers like Rihanna, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown present sex in a really cartoonish way, at times verging on pornographic.

Meanwhile, the underground seems to be maturing, bringing the real sexy back. Last night at Bardot, Kastle and Austin Paul brought the kind of sexy that makes you want to dance close to somebody, not just dry hump on a dance floor.

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Kastle is heading up a new sexy movement with his label Symbols based in San Francisco, through which Miami's Austin Paul is releasing his first three EPs this summer. The world caught its first taste of Paul's six-track Velvet EP a few days ago, and the show at Bardot was kind of like the 20 year old's album release celebration.

Paul took the carpet (i.e. Bardot's stage) at about 12:20 a.m., and he stood singing into a microphone stand with his keyboard sitting next to him, should he need it. He was joined by two homies who fleshed out the music with live production and grooving bass guitar.

The young artist has a soulful sound, and midway through his second song, "Bones," some random girl came running up to talk to him. It was some weird sex symbol shit, but he kept singing through it. He was a man on a music mission.

Paul delivered a moving performance on the keys of "Hallelujah (I'm Alive)" and played through a few more before giving the floor back up to the DJ and making the rounds, talking with friends and fans. Meanwhile, Kastle was setting up in a very different way than he expected.

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